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Sip, Sip, Taste is a family project that began, before we ever knew it would be the path we are on today. The kitchen has always been a gathering place, a room of comfort. Food & drink, breaking bread, a family meal, has always been a beautiful and natural connection for me growing up in a hispanic, Texas home. So, after some very tough up and down financially challenging years, the kitchen & cooking became the meeting place, the connection and comfort for my husband, our daughter and myself. My husband (an accountant - yup, suspenders! & former marketing & CFO) embraced a talent he didn’t even know he had, cooking and creating beautiful food platters, and I continued to be fascinated with the beauty of food and baking. We found ourselves taking what we loved to offer our family & friends, added phenomenal wine, the Boisset Collection, to create “Food + Wine = Magic” pairings and Voila - Sip, Sip, Taste has become a reality. We are learning, educating & being educated and having fun along the way. As the Lord as our guide, using the bounty of ingredients he has created and blessed us with, we offer Food + Wine Tastings and food experiences primarily in the Coachella Valley and Southern California, but "have wine, will travel" we would be happy to offer wine tastings anywhere!

Salucita de la buena y Buen Provecho (as my mama would say) 

Cheers and Bon Appetite!

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